Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Anticipated Announcement

I have no idea whether Frank Stevens ever was able to bring Norma, his fiancée, home with him during his most recent visit to Chicago as he had mentioned to his mother. However, barely a month after his last letter home, it was no surprise for Agnes Tully Stevens to receive a special invitation from a certain John A. Flowers family of New Lexington, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Flowers
request the honor of your presence at
the marriage of their daughter
Francis X. Stevens
Technical Sergeant USAF
on Saturday, the fifth of November
Nineteen Hundred Forty Nine
at eight-thirty o’clock
St. Rose Church
New Lexington, Ohio

An enclosed card, concerning the festivities to follow, reads:

at 110 W. Broadway,
New Lexington, Ohio
From One to Three


  1. Nicely told! Have enjoyed following Frank and hope there are more stories to be told.

  2. Great ending!Thank you for sharing all of a Franks letters. That was a lot of work to get them on here, but was cool following. Cant wait to see what you have planed next.

    1. Oh, but there's more!!! I have a few more letters that will carry us through Frank's military career--including an older one that I just found :P

      Glad to hear you enjoyed following them!


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