Thursday, January 5, 2012

It’s Been Fun

About nine months after his postcard home to his mom, Frank Stevens resurfaces to give us an idea of what life is now like for this military man in the post-World War II world. I have no idea what happened to the letter Frank promised his mom right after that September 1947 post card, but with this note to his brother’s family, we now know that his destination ultimately was an Air Force installation in the Middle East.

                                                                  September 29th, 48
                                                                  Dhahran Air Base
                                                                  Saudi Arabia
Dear Ed, Mutz + Chillins—
            Know I’m a naughty word for not writing sooner but you know how it is, am very glad to hear that the box containing the bags arrived safely and that you liked them, sorry Mutz but I can make no guarantee as to the wear you will get out of it the piece of change in it is worth about 75¢ in all.
            Haven’t heard from Mom in a month so I’ve no idea how things are at home.
            I’ve been courting a cute lil ole gal around for the past month and its been fun…

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