Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Surprise! He’s Back... Sort Of

Now you will understand why I need to send for Frank Stevens’ military records to piece together the rest of the story: the next document I have in our little family archives is a post card, dated December 4, 1947. This is almost two years after Frank’s last letter to his parents, William and Agnes Tully Stevens—you remember: when he tried to cross the continent in four days to make it from San Francisco to Chicago in time for Christmas.

Somehow, in the midst of those two silent years, in addition to losing his father in May, 1946, Frank decides that it is the military life, after all, that is the life for him. However, rather than return to the Navy, as would be expected, he opts for another direction.

This post card, picturing the Harrington Hotel in Washington, D. C., tells only a small part of Frank’s story. I have no idea whether he is staying at the hotel, or just in Washington, D. C., while in transit (as he explains below). For what it’s worth, the hotel boasts all the modern conveniences, whether Frank gets to be a guest there or not:
Midway between the Capitol and the White House. In the heart of all Business, Government and Amusement Activities. 29 Sample Rooms and 220 Guest Rooms. Air Conditioned. Radio in every room. Excellent Air-Conditioned Dining Room.
Even if he did get to enjoy those thoroughly modern conveniences (for 1947), it is only momentarily for this one busy young man.

Dear Mom—
            Just a line now cuz I’ve only a min.
            Am working like a mad man and expect to leave for tother side by end of week—Letter tomorrow.

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  1. "a radio in every room" :) How telling is that?

    ...and what suspense... where will this story lead us next? :)


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