Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Cronies and Old Ish

Barely forty days after Agnes Tully Stevens loses one of her two remaining siblings, her son Frank writes a letter home to the Chicago household. If I hadn’t already checked to see the date when Lily Tully had passed away, I would have assumed that the “Crony” meant Aunt Lill—just the twist du jour in Frank’s vernacular for his customary greeting. That’s what he had always meant, for Lill had been a household regular throughout all Frank’s years in the service. I wonder if Frank was trying to gloss over that painful vacancy in his typical jocular way, or if in the busyness of his military career, he had truly lost track of the time.

At any rate, it is a good thing that someone is caring enough for Agnes to become a steadfast companion during these times of loss for her—especially since it looks like Frank is headed back across the Atlantic once again.

                                                                    Washington, 25, D.C.
                                                                    28 September 1949
Dear Mom, Kid and Crony:
            Marg that is, sounds like a real deal a couple of real big time operators hitting every bingo party in the windy city and making fleece with both fists, glad to hear that you two girls are making out together I thought it would be a good idea a long time ago.
            I talked to Gae Sweeney yesterday and she sounded as tho she had been having the time of her life but also informed me that she was ready to head back to hometown.
            It is pretty definite that old Ish is headed back across the pond, seems that the Empire was beginning to feel slighted that I hadn’t gotten around to spending some time there and George was worried all to hell that Marg Rose was going to become an old maid, ahfter all my deah people I cawnt simply cawnt let the peasants down, rhally Ah cawnt, not cricket and so on.
            Enuf of this foolishness for now, so for the straight dope.

Photo, above right: In yesterday's post, Frank Stevens indicated that he would be returning to the States from his post in Saudi Arabia. This picture, taken before his return to the U.S. and dated March, 1948, was captioned, "Two Students and Prince's Guard." Frank, grinning, is standing at the right in front.

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  1. Well... he certainly lived a full, vivid, and adventuresome life!!

    I bet a lot of folks would give anything to see the world such as he did.


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