Friday, January 6, 2012

In Like Flynn

Now a man who’s about to attain the ripe old age of twenty four, Frank Stevens confides in his brother and sister-in-law that the eighteen-year-olds he’s been dating seem so young. It isn’t clear whether he’s teasing his brother about his intentions but I wouldn’t put it past him.

What he is more serious about—and here we go again—is getting another chance to come home. Even though he no longer has any father-son reunions to look forward to, he still has a heart for home, and thinks of career moves in terms of how to get yet another chance to head to Chicago for a visit.

I’ve been courting a cute lil ole gal around for the past month and its been fun, she is a little young and we hardly speak the same language but it’s been pretty much of a charge, I’ve been running around with older gals so long now 18 year olds are a different race however she is a good cook and Mom + Pop like me so I’m in like flynne, Sugar is a nice gal think you would like her.
            Col. Snyder is leaving for Wash D.C. in a day or so and he is going to request that I be transferred to the Pentagon as soon as my rotation date comes due (Dec 10th). Just want to be in the States long enough to get a Post in South American and have a leave to see you folks.

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  1. I wonder what Frank would think of the language today with the LOL and BFF stuff...


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