Friday, January 13, 2012

The New Pay

Finishing his letter home to his mom, Frank Stevens provides more information on his current status in the Air Force. For some reason, he sure sounds like he is giving it his best salesman's spin.

             This new pay bill really takes care of the troops Mom and it’s based on giving incentive toward making new stripes, the best grade you can get is warrant officer and that’s what I’m headed for, I don’t want commissioned status because you lose all the privileges that enlisted personnel have but with warrant you keep them plus having all those that an officer has, as you know I’ve passed up a reserve commission and there for a time I was sorry but now with this new raise I know I really used my head (I knew all the time the damn thing was on my shoulders for something).
            Well enough of this chatter about me, tho I am pretty excited about going over again so you will have to excuse it this time. How are all of you in the windy city spose it is starting to turn cold there now and you are dragging out winter clothes and ordering oil and so on? How is the kid making out on his new job golly I hope he likes it and keeps his nose clean but then again I know he will, it’s just that he is one of those hard luck characteres (knoe that’s spelled wrong). Well I’ll close this now and you will hear from me soon again.
                                                                        Love to all

1 comment:

  1. I think I can see why Frank's mom was a bit confused about the benefits...

    Of course, nothing is straight-forward or easy when it comes to the Gubbermint.


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