Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now For the Straight Dope

Now that you know a bit of the background, we may safely proceed with our story.

            Enuf of this foolishness for now, so for the straight dope.
            I shall probably be home for a last bit of home cooking within two weeks Mom, needless to say I’ll be stopping in Ohio on the way and I’ll try to bring Norma on with me so you can meet her, I’m sure you are going to think almost as much of her as I do Mom she is really very sweet and a real home gal.
            You know Mom were I married I’d be making (with the new pay raise) $3489.00 a year after taxes which is pretty dam good money any way you look at it. Besides that I and my family would receive free medical and dental care which in itself is a large item (also includes any medicine, prenatal care and so on) after I make another stripe which I should get within 6 or 8 months you could add another $600.00 to that last figure, don’t are what anybody says $4000.00 a year is plenty good money. Add to this my clothing and I think I’ve got the world by the hind-end on a down hill drag.


  1. Laffs.

    He really has a nifty way with the English language. :)

    1. Chalk it up to the Irish in him for that way with the "English" language!

  2. Finally catching up! Such a romantic. I pray he used a different pitch with his Norma than the one he use for his mother.


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