Sunday, January 22, 2012

Still Keeping in Touch

Judging from the rest of Frank Stevensletter home to his parents in Chicago, his trip occasioned some of the customary discomforts suffered by many travelers. This clue also leads me to surmise that Frank and his medical team must have recently arrived in Mexico and are at the beginning of their mission there.

Besides this typical travelers’ ailment, Frank seems to have been left high and dry with some money troubles, too. The scant details provided here make me wonder what project he had considered involving himself with—and which post he referred to: real estate? Military? Training?

In the midst of all these questions on my part, one name surfaces that sounds vaguely familiar: Jerry Kaplan. Despite once being the very man Frank was sure was “grinding his molars at me,” the old Navy censor, Lieutenant, and now comrade in medical matters has evidently kept in touch with Frank. Who knows why Jerry Kaplan owed Frank $20, but now that he is far from home and strapped for cash, it seems Frank is quite willing to have his folks accept it on his behalf.

Though he may be tap dancing for money, Frank never loses an active concern for his dad, William Stevens. Knowing what we now know about how short Will’s days are at this point, it seems medical advances of the time were not able to improve his heart condition, and he possibly is having to endure a semi-retired state for the last few months of his life.

            I’ve had the back door trots all this morning but am feeling quite a bit better now of course all of this highly seasoned food isn’t doing much to help matters. You will have to excuse this typing but I’m using a Spanish machine and it’s quite a bit different from ours. As my card told you I received the money and the letter, was a lifesaver and I really appreciate it.
            I haven’t got any money coming from the post as I thought I told you that deal went thru and I withdrew from that project we were embarking on, however I do have $20.00 coming from Jerry Kaplan and if he offers it to you take it and use it.
            Will close now with love to all and my prayers for Dad, also went to Mass and received for him last Sunday, hope Tony continues to do him good. Bye now

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  1. :) I wonder what the stamp looked like - someone added it to their collection.


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