Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meanwhile, Back in Chicago

While Frank Stevens was ever the consummate letter writer—and his mother the consummate letter saver—the constant stream of letters seems to have dwindled to a mere trickle. Now that Frank has the love of his life right at his side, and a young one to monopolize his attention, he doesn’t seem to have quite the same amount of time to write home to Chicago.

So what is Agnes Tully Stevens up to, now that this chapter on her life seems to have closed?

Ever the industrious, active woman, Agnes has seen to it that she secure a source of income, now that her husband is gone and her son is again halfway around the world. You may recall that Frank had made it a habit to send some of his war-time earnings home while his father was struggling with so many health problems. Frank has other, more pressing needs to attend to now, and I imagine that token of respect for his parents has naturally been diverted to address the costs of supporting a growing family of his own.

Though there might have been a thought to having Agnes continue the real estate business of her husband, Agnes chose instead to go into the insurance business, and became a broker specializing in property and risk. I don’t know what the licensure requirements were for that time period in Chicago, but within two months after her husband, William Stevens, passed away she received her license and started out in business for herself.

This is to certify that
Agnes T. Stevens
5945 Eggleston Ave.
Chicago, ILL.

Is duly licensed as a

Having complied with the requirements of the Insurance Statutes of Illinois relating to licensing of Insurance Brokers and is authorized to obtain and place all kinds of insurance upon property or risks in the State of Illinois, until the first day of March, 1947, unless this license be revoked or terminated sooner.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Director of the Department of Insurance has hereto affixed his hand and the Seal of the Department on this date
JUL 11 1946

(stamped signature)
N P Parkinson
Director of Insurance

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  1. She was a smart woman. I've had to tell girls not long ago (two pregnant teens) to get all the schooling they can - and not to count on "daddy" (theirs or the babies) on feeding them. One of them, the husband left her three days after the baby was born. So sad to see youngsters not ready/able to cope with life -- and in these tough times its even worse.


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