Thursday, April 12, 2018

Locked Out if being in a holding pattern, waiting for the funeral of a sibling to be planned and subsequently coming down with the flu isn't'd think hauling my miserable self out of bed for a few minutes to write a sorry excuse for a post would at least go smoothly. After all, what was I going to write? That I am still having problems locating Thirza Browne's fatherlet alone his parents?

Thanks to a fluke of technology, apparently, I can't even access my account at to refer to the few details I've parked there in a private, unsearchable tree which I use for my genealogical sandbox. And no, it isn't because I failed to renew my account. What I'm wondering is if my antiquated user nameassigned to me during those halcyon days when Rootsweb used to be its own entityis the sticking point.

All that, however, will have to be resolved later in the morning, not in the wee hours when my far west time zone works against me. Everythingeven a Utah-based companyruns on east coast time.

There are, however, other resources, all which will have to be considered without the ability to refer back to the research I've already done on the family. Online tools are greatbut only when they're accessible.

That search effort, however, didn't yield much. I tried FamilySearch, looking for a Timothy and Caroline Brown or Browne who might have livedor diedin Kent County, Michigan, home of Grand Rapids, the place where the photograph I found was originally taken. I tried burial records via Find A Grave, but the only Caroline I found was someone married to a William, not a Timothy. Checking out Seeking Michigan wouldn't work, because the dates are too recent for tracking down my mystery Brownes.

Sometimes, it just helps to know when to quit. I'm getting the clue that now would be an opportune time.


  1. Again, so sorry for your loss.

    We on the east coast always thought you were the lucky ones. It seems like everyone we want to contact is on mountain or Pacific time :)

  2. So sorry for your loss, Jacqi. Hoping you get over the flu quickly, too!

  3. When it rains it pours. Hope you are over your flu soon. Sometimes nowadays it takes forever to get a funeral/memorial service together.


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