Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweltering at the Recreation Base

Sending gifts home to his mom in Chicago from the exotic outposts of his tour of duty in the south Pacific, Frank Stevens seems to have finally caught a moment to recuperate with his shipmates from the strains of two of the key battles wrapping up World War II on his side of the world. 

How could they help but rest? In this tropical heat, everything—and everyone—seems to be melting!

                                                                       July 9th, 1945
Dear Mom, Dad an All:
            This is just going to be a short note as its too hot (109°) to write or do much of anything.
            Had a couple of snap shots taken the other day and they came out pretty good, I’m enclosing the neg and wonder if you will take them and have a dozen of each made and enlarged to about 6 x 3 in size.
            As you can see two invasions haven’t changed yours truly, I’m still in one piece.
            We are at a rear area recreation base now and are getting a little liberty, managed to pick up a few votive knick-knacks for you. I imagine you have received the necklace by now Mom, I sent it air mail and it should get there in about a week or ten days.

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