Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Censored Way of Life

After the third week of June, 1945, the battle of Okinawa draws to a close as key islands are declared secured and converted to Allied air bases. The USS LCI(R)-707 and many other amphibious craft remain in the vicinity as part of that occupation. Frank Stevens, now Pharmacist's Mate First Class, snatches a few moments to jot a note to his folks in Chicago, mainly to keep his dad from worrying about how he is doing.

The ever-present censor is hovering in the back of Frank’s mind as his writing style seems to revert to those “incoming” mail reports of his earlier days fresh from the Naval Training Center.

                                                                   June 28th, 1945
Dear Folks:
            Just have time for a few lines as I have to get this censored and in the mail in about 20 minutes. Things are still the same, working hard and not much sleep. Expect things to change and think we are going to get a good rest in the near future. We rate it if I do say so myself, they really have pushed us for the last five months. Had a mail call today, one from Jeanne but none from you folks. Heard from John about a week ago and he sounds lots happier, guess he is getting settled and things are looking brighter. Glad Ed + Mutz have found a place of their own, sounds as if Dee dee has a pretty fair job.

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