Monday, December 5, 2011

“Something to Tell My Grandchildren”

A visit from the President’s wife was indeed something to remember, but in case the sheer impact of the event didn’t have enough staying power, Frank Stevens assures his family that he got pictures. Where those pictures are now, I have no idea, but would love to have the chance to see them!

Frank, whose letters have gotten longer and more thoughtful than those first ones just after leaving home for the Navy, reveals a few regrets as he doles out brotherly advice for his baby brother, six years his junior. Inquiries into the health of Aunt Lil, his mother’s elder sister who lives with the Stevenses in Chicago, also demonstrate Frank’s strong sense of family. No matter how devoted he is to family, though, to hear Frank consider what his grandchildren would think about his experiences was a concept I didn’t expect to hear this teenager express.

I’ve got pictures of her [Eleanor Roosevelt] at the table and some as She is leaving the chow hall. She sure is a smart woman and now I can see where FDR’s eyes are. Well at least I’ll have some thing to tell my grandchildren. I hope this letter finds everyone at home happy and feeling well or as Dad says at least enjoying poor health. Your back on Your feet now arnt You Dad? But you had better take it easy and take those siestas frequently. How is Chip making out at school? I hope that he doesn’t take after his older brother and think that school is the bunk as I did. If I had just finished High school I could be wearing gold braid right now but I know now that I was a fool and a pretty stupid one at that So listen kid and don’t think I’m talking thrue my hat because I’m not. As soon as I get home I’m going to see Fr Coyne and start the Corrospondence school course. I think I’ll have to major in spelling. How is Aunt Lill feeling now. I hope that the winter wasn’t to hard on You but it seems that You always liked cold weather much better than hot? Sunday (yesterday)We (the fellows at sickbay) made a trip over to St. John and we had a very nice time. I got a little sunburn thru my tan but I don’t think that I’ll peel at least I hope not!


  1. Even thou they are getting longer, they are still a reflection of his life showing he has grown into a man while in the war and how it has changed his life. I really enjoy reading them.

  2. I had to smile at the "major in spelling"...



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