Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not Kilt Entirely

Less than a week prior to what turned out to be the Battle of Iwo Jima, Frank Stevens is using his spare time to write home to his dad, William Stevens, in Chicago. From the sounds of an earlier letter, evidently just after the New Year, Will had been hospitalized for some type of heart trouble. I have no idea how serious the episode was, but for Frank, it was much more of a scare than his jovial fa├žade let on. Any letter from his father from this point on would be a “very welcome” letter, indeed.

                                                                          February 13, 1945
 Hi auld Wan:
            Received your very welcome letter today and does me heart good to hear that you haven’t been “kilt entirely” yes sir it sounds as if the mayor will be back in harness in no time and all kidding aside Dad I am thrilled about your being on the road to recovery. That is a helluva note telling all of those nurses that they could have the first date. The least you could have done is given them my address and let me have an open field!!! Thanks a lot for the alumni card Dad and also for the five you gave to the altar drive, did you see Mr. O’Reilly or did you just mail it to him? We can’t have Mom killing herself Pa so make her take care of herself and don’t let her get sick. I’m as healthy as a hog and just about as satisfied, I’m nice and tan and not working too hard (as if I ever did).

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