Friday, November 4, 2011

Making Progress

It wasn’t long after William and Agnes Tully Stevens received the letter from Frank, their son stationed in the Virgin Islands, when it was followed up with another. Although it contained the usual report about letters coming and going from people whose names I don’t recognize, Frank’s note also delivered the news of his progress in medical training. An added bonus was his housekeeping tip, thrown in as a postscript.

Of course, it had a healthy dose of his characteristic personality and humor, showing his folks that the Navy hadn’t really changed their boy all that much…yet.

Dear Mom Dad & All:

            Well as Red Skelten would say I Dood It, I Your beloved Son have passed my Ph M 3rd class examination and I’m to be rated the first of April. I think that is pretty good news? I can’t understand why Edith hasn’t received my letter as I wrote to Her when I received that stamped envelope from Dad however I’ll get another one off this afternoon and appoligise (dam I spelled that one wrong). Well if I’m not getting better at least I’m not getting any worse I hope. Tell Dad to let me know all the details on the Fitzpatricks as I’m interested in getting the score on it. I received Mom’s letter from Ft. Wayne and I’m glad that Dad was able to make the trip, a few days rest will make him feel better I’m sure. I haven’t heard from Dean Willson as yet. You know I have advanced 3 rates inside of 1 year. I’m not doing half bad (I hope my hat still fits when I finish this letter). I have some pictures being developed and they are of me in my marine kacki. I’ll send some when I get them back, I look sharp as a cracker and about twice as salty. Ah me, I’m glad I was born good looking instead of rich. I feel better now than I ever felt before tho I still sound as though I’m talking through my nose. I’ll have to get this letter squared away now as I have to get back to work so I’ll close with Love to All.
                                                                        From Frank
P.S. I received Your swell Valintine, thanks a lot. By the way the way you clean that silver I sent You with a tooth brush and toothpaste
                                                                        Love again

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  1. I love Frank's banter and wit (and can see why he preferred to type even if fixing his spelling goofs wasn't so easy!)


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