Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Home Boy Tries California Dreamin’

In writing home to his parents, William and Agnes Tully Stevens of Chicago, Frank concludes his three-page-long note in February, 1945, with a question about his parents’ plans. Evidently, the idea has come up of selling their home at 507 West Garfield Boulevard. Putting in his vote for a choice of where the family should move—Beverly Hills—Frank reveals that, apparently, his brother Ed’s family had also thought about relocating to California, or may have actually tried the West Coast for a while before deciding to return to Chicago. While the aura of the Golden State may have seemed attractive to Frank, he admits to the lure of the “ever present nostalgia” for the home life, no matter where it might be.

Son is it a secret about selling 507, if it is I’ve let the cat out of the bag!!! I like Beverly Hills and anything you folks want is okay with me if you are happy I’ll be too. Ed + Mutzie are pretty sure that they are going back to Chi and I’m glad; I was almost positive that you folks would never move to Calif as its kind of hard to leave lifelong friends and go to a different part of the country. I’m fine and outside of the ever present nostalgia to be home with all of you everything is hokay. Really have to close now. Take good care of yourselves and be good.
                                           Your loving Son, brother, and neffoo
P. S. Hows to invite Jeanne over to dinner some Sunday if possible. I’d like you to know her better. Frank.

1 comment:

  1. *giggles at "neffoo"*

    I'm sure for Frank, California during the late 1940s must of seeemed like paradise compared to the cold wintry Chicago environs.


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