Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Years to Catch Up

Not that Frank Stevens is counting the days or anything, but the calendar seems to figure prominently in his attention at the moment. The lack of mail is weighing on him. Was it his desperation to hear from someone—anyone—that prompted him to write to his dad’s estranged half-sister in Fort Wayne, or did I let another family member’s grudges paint a false impression of Catherine Stevens Stahl? At any rate, Frank seems quite comfortable with sending her letters, even if he can’t remember her address; this short note served as cover letter for the one he asks his mom to forward to her.

Keeping connected seems to be on Frank’s mind, too—thinking about his younger brother, Gerry (Chip), and a neighborhood friend, Roy Hodges, with whom he lost contact.

Oh, how he wants to come home. That phrase is becoming his litany. After three years at sea, one can hardly blame this Chicago boy for the sentiment.

 Dear Mom Dad + All:

            I’ve finally gotten a letter written to Aunt Katie but I found I’ve misplaced their address so I’m sending it to you for forwarding. Nothing new out here, guess things don’t change much. Haven’t received any mail from you for almost five weeks now; last mail call was at Leyte. (got two letters on the 20th)
            I’ve got some Jap school books that should interest Chip. I’ll send them as soon as possible.
            Hope they invade Japan proper pretty soon as I want to come home, am getting fed up with this sort of life. I just happened to think of something funny on Jan. 18th I was in the Navy just 3 years and on the 19th I went in on my first invasion so it took them three years to catch up with me.
            Hear any news about any of the boys from the neighborhood? I’ve been looking all over for Roy Hodges but so far no luck. I’ll have to close now. I’ll write more later.
                                                                        All my Love

P.S. Please send the enclosed along to Aunt KT and send me her address. Love again.

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  1. I bet Frank was very pleased that the invasion was never to happen... But I would think the "end of the war" with Japan was no where in sight on April 1945 for all but the small handful that knew of the atom bomb project - and even they probably didn't know the war would be over in a few months.


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