Saturday, November 5, 2011


Fast forward one year. In that time, William and Agnes Tully Stevens have probably received their customary allotment of letters from their boy in the Navy, Frank, but for some reason, those letters were not among the ones saved in the family's collection. Or perhaps I have yet to stumble upon them.

With the envelope dated April 18, 1944, however, Frank’s parents received something in the mail that they made sure to keep: Frank had received his orders.

From:              The Commanding Officer.
To:                  STEVENS, Francis X., 300-77-85, PhM2c, USN.

Subject:           Orders.

References:     (a) Comserforlant Ltr. P16-3/MM/PhM
                              over (12180-SC), dated 5 April 1944.
                      (b) Bupers Cir Ltr. 167-43.

            1.         In accordance with instructions contained in reference (a), you will proceed on or about 20 April 1944, via government aircraft, from Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands, to Miami, Florida, reporting upon your arrival thereat to the Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station, for further transportation to Norfolk, Virginia. Upon arrival in Norfolk, Virginia, you will report to the Commanding Officer, Receiving Station, Naval Operating Base, for further assignment by the Commander Service Force, U. S. Atlantic Fleet.


  1. wow...I bet my dad didn't keep his. That is nice to have in your history file.

  2. A $6 per day allowance - I hope my boss never sees this! :)

    This is another type of document I've never seen - you have quite a treasure trove!


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