Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Hold That Thought


The plan for March: dive energetically into the pursuit of my fourth great-grandfather, Charles McClellan, discovering all I can about his life's trajectory, and gleaning clues—where solid facts are camouflaged—from his encounters with his F.A.N. Club, first in Florida, then backwards in time to Georgia and then, maybe, the Carolinas.

The detour: stopping to receive a routine Covid booster shot on my way home from meetings on Monday. Silly me; I thought it would be no worse than the other two times I had done that. Besides, I needed to do that; I'm flying east to meet up with family in a few weeks. It would be foolhardy to take a trip like that without maximum protection.

Clue: think again. Perhaps it was because I actually came down with the disease in January that my immune system roared into action. Long story short: we'll have to put that exploration of Charles McClellan on hold until I can manage to sit up longer than it took to write those three paragraphs.

I'll be back soon. I promise. In the meantime, no matter what happens, I'm glad I can watch RootsTech online, whether seated, standing, or crashed out on the sofa. Being virtual has its virtues.


  1. Oh gosh!!! Take care and rest. I was just counting on my fingers today and I think we need to make appointments. We care for toddler grandchildren during the day and they are too young for vaccinated and we want to protect them.

  2. I miss you! Last I knew, I thought you would be MIA for a day or two after your booster. I am concerned that it turned out to be more than a few side effects. I am thinking of you and hope you return to us soon.

    1. Thanks for checking on me, Miss Merry! Yes, it was a day or two...or three...but it wasn't the booster reaction so much as what it triggered (I have underlying health issues). But now I'm back. Appreciate hearing from you.


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