Friday, September 23, 2011

Young Life, Chicago Style

After a journey of more than one hundred years, something is bound to be lost. I just wish it wasn’t the names.

Here are more unidentified subjects from the photo collection of Edna Tully McCaughey. I am tempted to think this first picture represents children from the Clifford family, as the Columbia Studio on Commercial Avenue has been used by that family for at least one other portrait. Actually, that family setting of children Tom and Ann Clifford is the only other picture in this collection originating from Columbia Studio. But lacking any date or other identifying information, I need to leave the possibility open that these children could be from another Tully or Sullivan relation.

The girl in this next photo doesn’t seem to resemble any family likenesses I’ve seen so far, though the Lindner studio is certainly one that has been used by many members of this extended clan. Once again, I’ll set aside the temptation to become a family-member matchmaker.

Perhaps this last picture is from a later era. I’m not sure what the “Photo Novelties” tag means in the business name for this photographer. Stafflin was a studio at 8235 East End Avenue, but I could hardly call this a posed studio production. It seems so much more informal—probably something for which the young male subject is thankful. However, the fact that no other photographs in this collection originate from this photographer complicates matters as far as any hopes for identification of subjects is concerned. And who knows—could this be a work production, showing each of the delivery boys for a Chicago company? Or is this just a fun shot of a young boy?

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  1. I really like that last photo. Looks like he is off to school in his uniform.

    The photographer puzzles me. I found Theo N. Stafflin (b. March 1879) living in Hyde Park Town, Chicago Ward 32 with his widowed mother in the 1900 US Census listed as a Photographer. It seems this photo is earlier to me (meaning at age 21 in 1900, Theo could not have been taking photos much earlier?) Then I found a listing showing Edward A. Stafflin (1899-1895 Chicago) which may be Theo's father... a little mystery there... and probably a whole other story.


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