Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mother and Daughter

Once again, I am stumped by a partially-identified photograph. Actually, this one has two potential labels, and at this point, I’m cheering for the second one to win. All my searching, though, hasn’t come up with any viable documentation.

The first inscription on the back of this photograph states, “Aunt Carrie, wife of Coz Patrick Tully.”

Oooooh, the elusive Patrick Tully. I knew there was another one out there. I’ve also run across mentions of a “P. J. Tully” in family papers, but I have yet to figure out who this other Patrick is. It most certainly isn’t the Patrick I’ve already found, who was married to Mary, not Carrie.

At any rate, though I’ll stick that reference in my to-do file and dream that a future discovery will reveal more to me, I prefer adopting the second inscription: “Auntie Maggie Tully + daughter Maud Tully.”

That certainly seemed to be an inscription guaranteed to produce results. Though there are so many Tullys in Chicago during this time period, I haven’t seen any with the name, Maud. Bolstered by that hope, I did some searching in earnest, but failed to produce any viable results for “Maud” coupled with a mother “Maggie”—or even (groan) searching for the more formal “Margaret.”

So here it is: another inscription that once seemed to surely yield results. I leave it out there in hopes someone else may stumble upon it and claim it as a long-lost family member.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's:

    Person one: “Aunt Carrie, wife of Coz Patrick Tully.”

    This record might apply:

    Person two: Auntie Maggie Tully + daughter Maud Tully”


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