Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wishing You A Merry Christmas…

…to all with hurting hearts
…to all with lonely hearts
…to all whose strength is gone
…to all despairing souls

For comfort.
For love.
For life.
For hope.

After all, that’s what Christmas was always about.


  1. Merry Christmas Jacqi! I hope you had a wonderful day full of all your favorite things:)

    1. Thank you so much, Far Side. I wish the same for you! Through this season's postings, I've come to discover that you and I, in some ways, are compatriots in the crime of not going along with that culturally-mandated Christmas flow. But I love the real Christmas all the same...and I know you do, too.

  2. Replies
    1. Jennifer, thank you so much! It's been a holiday like no other I've had...thankfully in the end adding some blessings...

      Wishing you a bright New Year!


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