Friday, November 13, 2015

The Guys Get Their Turn

Somehow, looking at the photo of the Fort Meade, Florida, boys' basketball team from one hundred years ago, it doesn't seem as dated as the one we saw yesterday for the girls' team.

While the primary difference, for me at least, is that there is no one on the boys' team from our McClellan family—apparently, Rubie's brother Charles was not on the school's team—I thought I'd still share the photo and its companion list of names, in case someone else spots a family member. (If that is you, please don't pass silently into the cyber-night; leave a comment! We'd love to hear about your relative, who almost certainly would be either a neighbor of my relatives or a friend of my grandmother.)

As was true for the photo I posted yesterday, these pictures came to me, courtesy of the Fort Meade, Florida, Historical Society and Museum. They, in turn, received them from my mother's cousin, who had donated them to the museum. Full circle, indeed!

Above: The Fort Meade, Florida, Boys' Basketball Team, circa 1915, as numbered:

1). Frank Scaggs - Forward
2). Lamar Davis - Sub. Player
3). Theodore (Red) Hart - Forward
4). Bill Enzor - Guard
5). James Barrow - Center
6). Pat Neugent - Guard (Captain)

All the above are transcribed from the list found on the reverse of the team photograph. I'm pretty sure that is my grandmother's handwriting—although a little more girlish than I remember it being. She was, however, always careful to label photos, going so far, in later life, as to mark her children's photos with not only the age in years but also in months (and sometimes days). Talk about being detail-oriented!


  1. The photo might be a little more recent than 1915.

    Find A Grave Memorial# 27018716 appears to be that for Bill Enzor. The memorial for this man's father says, "Elisha and Annie were the parents of Florrie Lee who married J. S. Stephens, Joseph "Joe" Kendrie, who married Julia M. Griffin, William F. and John J. Enzor.:

    I seem to remember you having some "Lee's" in your family?

    1. Ah...Lees are in a different family line--although such a common surname, who knows?

      Thanks for finding the Find a Grave memorial for Bill Enzor, Iggy. The photo may be a little later than 1915--I forgot that my grandmother graduated high school a year later, since her parents had her start school a year late--but it couldn't be much later. I believe she graduated in 1918 or 1919.

  2. I hope a relative shows up someday for the photo! :)

    1. I know it would make their day to find some old family photos. Wish I could find more of mine!


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