Thursday, November 12, 2015

Some Things DO Change Over Time

Imagine playing basketball in a dress.

If you were on the girls' b-ball team at school, back a hundred years ago, you would be.

Incredible? I have it in a photograph. They sure did. Or at least culottes. No telling how well they played, but play they did.

Thanks to that set of pictures sent to me from the Fort Meade, Florida, Historical Society and Museum, one is clearly labeled with all the names on the girls' team, including the position each girl played.

On the off chance that someone will be googling their grandmother's name, I'll include the list below. One never knows.

Unfortunately, though, the photograph is quite pixel-y. I can barely make out the outline of my grandmother's face (Rubie McClellan on the far left in the back row)—although some of the players in the front row are more clear. We really are spoiled, now, by the technology we take for granted.

Above: The Fort Meade, Florida, Girls' Basketball team, circa 1915, as numbered:
1). Rubie McClellan - Guard
2). Thelma Smith - Sub. Forward
3). Mildred Fancy - Sub. Jumping Center
4). Marian Yearwood - Running Center
5). Carrie Lightsey - Forward
6). Alma Hattaway - Sub. Running Center
7). Emma Arnold - Guard
8). Lalla Davis - Forward
9). Billie Williams - Jumping Center (Captain)
10). Wilma Dampier - Sub. Forward

All above as labeled on the reverse of the photograph, appearing to be in my grandmother's hand:


  1. A list of names??? What a concept!

    Those bloomers were still the style in the 1920s when my grandaunts were in college. While we might wonder how in the world they ran in those things, we have to remember they were limited to playing in only half the court. After all, women were delicate. They had to protect those ovaries from too much jiggling.

    1. Yes, a list. That would be my grandmother. She was good for stuff like that.

  2. Such a fun picture and what a treasured find!

    1. Yes, it is. It was such a wonderful surprise when these photos showed up in our email inbox the other day! Totally unexpected!

  3. A grannie that played basketball! Waycool!

    1. And the funny part is...I had no idea! Wish I knew when she was still here...

  4. What a treasure to have! Love the bloomers:)

    1. Not just the bloomers... I keep wondering, What's with the hats? Or are those just elaborate hair bows?


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