Thursday, July 5, 2012

Possum Provides a Link

A second set of photographs among the papers of Agnes Tully Stevens presents us with a dog who unwittingly provides a connection between two groups of family pictures.

I had no idea I would have to resort to dog genealogy so soon in my research career.

The subject of today’s lucky find is—yes, it is true—a dog. (And might I add, incidentally, that I found this extra canine batch thanks to the feline efforts of my senior editor, Luke, who, um, came across this stack late yesterday afternoon.)

Thankfully, someone nearly one hundred years ago thought of us when he or she labeled this photo:

Possum after a surf bath

Though the phrase doesn’t provide much information, that is true, it does serve quite the same unifying link as the Where’s Waldo insignia. Suddenly, a whole bunch of photographs seems to include—you guessed it—Possum.

And some of those photos turn out to be postcards, bearing on the reverse the legend, “Abananza Studio, Atlanta GA., and Wrightsville Beach, N. C.” We’ve encountered that label before.

We’re back to the same beachside resort, as we’ll see beginning tomorrow, but this time, it looks like everyone has shed their water play togs for more formal attire. And the brave hearts who faced the relentless surf are joined by quite a few more of their party—undoubtedly the more shy and retiring—bringing challenges of possibly matching some faces in subsequent photos.


  1. Possum is a cutey pie! And largely aa ball of fluff. I wll be looking to finding out who their human was.

    Seems unlikely Agnes was on tour with her music if "they" dragged along the dog...

    1. Good point, Iggy. This is looking more and more like a family gathering.

  2. It's always the little details isn't it? Love the dog!

  3. Dogs hold all the secrets. I think this is the same dog as the one almost in the ladies lap in the "on the porch" photo:)


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