Friday, July 6, 2012

Possum? Or Impostor?

The postcard below—coming from the collection of Agnes Tully Stevens—is from the same photographer and location as the beach pictures yesterday: Abananza Studio at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

A gentleman, dressed in a suit complete with bow tie and hat, sits on the wooden bench of a veranda. Assuming as casual a posture as his outfit permits, he appears to be enjoying a cigar.

Despite his semi-formal attire, he is joined by a canine companion who seems quite comfortably draped over his owner as if considering himself to be a much smaller version of his breed. A woman, dressed equally as formally as the man, sits at a distance behind the man and his oversized lap dog. Each of the three seems intent on watching something of interest just beyond the field of this photograph.

I have no idea who that man might be. Neither do I have any guesses about the woman in the background. I did, however, think that the dog was Possum.

Well…at least until last night. That’s when I began having misgivings.

I might have to reconsider this dog identity.

Admittedly, when I first encountered Possum, it was during one of those embarrassingly drenched-to-the-bone moments. No magnificent, fluffy ruff on display there. Possum looked as bedraggled as a common mutt.

In those photographs in full sunlight, the patch of color over one eye looked so washed out as to seem almost white. The band of fur down the nose, though speckled, seemed broad and white. On top of it all, those ears—at least when not laid back during those uncomfortable, chilly after-swim moments—were fully alert and to a point.

Well, today’s photograph doesn’t include those same details. The markings are similar, but those ears…. Admittedly, the aspect of today’s subject addresses the opposite side than yesterday’s photographs. Let’s just say something looks different enough to possibly make this a different dog.

Two dogs with the same family at the same beach? Or two families?

Whoever this dog may be—Possum or an impostor—the people from today’s picture do seem to be in the subsequent photographs that sport this canine.

Or his look-alike.

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  1. I find it interesting the dog is sitting/laying on a life jacket. shows one similar (3d and 4th pictures from top)

    If this is Possum, he/she really "cleans up" well. I've my doubts - but on the otherhand, wet, sandy dogs don't look like they do dry, clean and combed so it's possible.

    The swarthy guy looks familiar. He isn't in any of the beach photos (I don't think) but I'm nearly positive I've seen him before somewhere on your blog. I wonder how to see them in a collection (Picasso web account?)


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