Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Hats and Bonnets

Along with the photographs of the beach trip found in the papers of Agnes Tully Stevens, there was one more picture. Unlike the others we’ve seen over the past several days, this one does not include the type of background you would expect for beach scenery. And although the outfits worn by those mystery people in the Wrightsville Beach series were extraordinarily formal—at least by today’s standards—for beach attire and summer vacation garb, the outfits do not look much different than those featured in today’s photograph.

Although I suppose there is the possibility of a story line of someone taking a photo at the start of the trip—the Tully family was, after all, living in much-chillier Chicago—this picture might have nothing whatsoever to do with the oceanside holiday we’ve been considering. However, it was included along with the others from that 1911 excursion. I consider it a fitting close to the series of unknown faces.

Whether the extended family—that mystery family for whom I’ve found no clues—was linked to Agnes’ sister’s McGonagle family, or to possible Flanagan relatives of Agnes' mother, Catherine Malloy Tully, I don’t know yet. But I can hope—as long as Google keeps searching and as long as Blogspot keeps hosting blogs—that these pictures will continue to be accessible for someone to stumble upon.

Someone, perhaps, who does know.


  1. Such poof-tacular hats!!

    I downloaded the photo and "fixed it a little" so I could see the faces. I think that William and Agnes Tully are the two in the back row on the left. The lady in black might be Agnes' mother. This photo appears to be some time after the 1911 beach series to me - say 1912-15ish?

  2. Its hard to tell (and definately can't be sure) but the man standing in the back row to the right appears to have a "conductor's hat" on... perhaps this is Agnes' brother William Patrick Tully possibly with his wife (and/or maybe even his daughter) at his feet.

    If so this leaves only one mystery woman seating in the foreground.

    Revised photo date: 1915-1920

  3. Hmm. William Patrick died in 1915. If it is him in the photo, then it dates to shortly before he died (c. 1914-1915)

  4. I'm more and more certain that is William Patrick in the back right.

    He has on his belt - a timepiece (commonly worn by conductors) and a leaf of papers in breast pocket (used for fare receipts). He doesn't appear to be in any of the "Wrightsville Beach" scenes to me.

    I'm thinking this is Agnes with her husband, mother, brother and sisters sometime shortly after she married and before her brother (and mother) died.

  5. What a great photo and I love the hats! Like you and my Emilie Haf . . . I am hoping that the more I put her out there, someone will recognize Emilie and have some info! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jacqi, I enjoy your visits.

  6. They all seem happy in the photo! You have lots of information so perhaps someone will drop by someday with some of the letters that Agnes wrote. I get the sense that she was a real kind soul and she loved to get and receive letters...that is a lost art for sure:)


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