Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last of the Firsts

A while back, I shared with you some photographs of extended family members on the occasion of their first communion. While I knew the identities of each of those youngsters, I had withheld a third such picture because I needed to buy some time. You see, not all the cards in this collection from the family of Edna Tully McCaughey had labels. A month ago I had thought that surely, by this time, I’d be able to figure out some more missing identities.

Well, I haven’t. That’s my story, short and sweet. I haven’t even been able to find enough clues to make an educated guess.

Rather than sequester those unknown faces for lack of a proper name, I’ve decided to keep sharing in the hope that maybe someone will stumble upon this online posting and connect the dots to a family member in this Tully universe of Chicago-area surnames: Sullivan, Ryan, Clifford, Davey, Dockery.

Today, being Sunday, makes for an appropriate backdrop for this last of the First Communion photographs. This young lady commemorated the occasion at the Columbia Studio of Fein and Schnabel, on Commercial Avenue in Chicago. Why she or her parents did not think to write a name or date on the back of the card is beyond me. I’m sure she has no clue the ethereal contortions she has put me through, owing to that omission. Other than an online entry in a directory showing the studio in business from 1897 through at least 1900, I have little to go by in attempting to determine her name.

Regardless, on this forgiving Sunday, I’m entering her portrait into this blog’s Litany of Regrets for Unmarked Photographs. In faith, I await the rest of the story.

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  1. My cousin has a photo we believe to be our great or great great grandparents, and it was taken by Fein and Schnabel at Columbia Studio, as well! We live in Michigan.


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