Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Ancestor #3:
Attending to Unfinished Business


Have you ever found yourself progressing nicely on your family history research, only to discover you had left an unfinished bit of business in a previous project? That's me, as I decide which should be my mother's third ancestor to research for the new year.

The unfinished business was my Twelve Most Wanted goal for March of 2020—that infamous month which ushered in drastic restrictions on travel and just about any other freedom of movement. That was the month in which I had planned to dispatch that nagging question about my family's connection to Mayflower Society eligibility with one fell research swoop (or, as we say in our family, one swell foop).

In particular, the question hinges on accessing late 1700s records from the back end of Virginia, before my Tilson ancestors moved across the state border to Tennessee. I already know this will be a messy project, even if I could fly to Utah for some sleuthing.

I did try my best to tackle that Tilson question in the interim since that month in 2020 when the pandemic lifted its ugly head. Thankfully, I've made contact with some other distant Tilson cousins, who perhaps will be willing to pick up the task once again. It's always more encouraging to work together on messy projects, and at this point, I am ready for the teamwork approach.

For this March, I may not be able to be so laser-focused, though, since I have no travel plans pointing towards any massive research libraries. However, adding to that month's research goal, I will revisit the Tilson cousin DNA matches and see if there are any other Tilson connections in my ThruLines listings at AncestryDNA. That should be enough to keep me busy for far more than just one month.

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