Friday, December 30, 2022

Ancestor #5: A D.A.R. Pairing


I've heard it said that it is not unusual to find not one but several Patriot ancestors for those who demonstrate eligibility for the Daughters of the American Revolution. The operating principle behind such a claim lies in the relatively small European-American population in the North American British colonies toward the end of the eighteenth century. Those D.A.R. members' ancestral families intermarried.

Thus, for Ancestor #5 of my Twelve Most Wanted for the new year, I'd like to follow with John Jay Jackson, the spouse of Ancestor #4. Just like his wife Sarah Howard Ijams' mother, Sarah's husband John  also had a father who served in the Revolutionary War. My only problem at this point is that I base that statement upon mere hearsay. I haven't actually documented that connection for myself.

This coming May, we'll take care of that tiny oversight for good—hopefully. Of course, I've already taken a sneak peek at the authoritative resource for that service, the website of the National Society of Daughters of the Revolution, where there is indeed a listing for John Jay Jackson's father, Lyman Jackson.

My task, this coming May, will be to collect all the resources I can find on John Jay Jackson's father—everything from noting the father-son relationship using appropriate documentation to recording Lyman's role in the war and, for that matter, during the rest of his life. It's high time to correctly and completely add this Patriot line to my mother-in-law's third great-grandfather, John Jay Jackson, and hopefully use the addition as a bridge to generations even further removed. 

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