Saturday, August 27, 2022

It's Been a Long Month


Call it a long month—well, a month and three days, to be precise—since something Blogger subscribers were warned about a year ago actually happened. 

It was back in April of 2021 that the Google service called Blogger warned that they were going to discontinue their email subscriptions sent through Feedburner. The supposed date of doom was to be July, 2021. But definitely before mid-August that year.

Surprise. That didn't happen, and some of us low-tech types blissfully stumbled on, enjoying our reprieve from the doom surely facing us. However, if the last you heard from A Family Tapestry was the post back on July 24, 2022, you and I will both have to do some fancy footwork if we are ever going to dance together again.

That said, technology and I have held each other at arm's distance with an unhappy truce. When I first addressed the Feedburner farewell announcement last year, I added a subscription button for readers to access A Family Tapestry through a service called Feedly. It works great, if you'd like to sign up to receive your blog reading list that way. (Just click on the green button in the left column labeled, "Follow on Feedly.") 

However, there's one slight drawback: the subscription doesn't come to you; you have to come to it. Similar to the less high-tech method of shoving links into your "favorites" or "bookmark" tab on whatever system you use to browse the web, Feedly allows you to create a reading list—but then you have to remember to return to your new account at Feedly to see what's been updated since your last visit.

There are other options, of course. But for me to discover—and implement—them calls for research. Research, by the way, of a non-genealogical kind. And we all know which kind of research I'd rather be doing...


  1. For those of us with a Blogger account, adding you to the Reading List works very well. Whatever weird tricks techno-world pulls, I want to stay tuned. I enjoy your writing style very much: "technology and I have held each other at arm's distance with an unhappy truce." Not to mention the front-row view of a real genealogist hard at work.

  2. Jacqi, I've used feedly for years and love it. I follow over 150 blogs and feedly puts all the next posts in its list. That way, I don't have to check all the blogs by hand. I just click on items in one list and it takes me to the website.


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