Friday, August 26, 2022

Getting a Jump on September


Do months with thirty one days just seem to last far longer than they should? Yes, I know there is nearly a week before we slip out of August, but it just feels like we are already primed for September.

That may be the case with my abrupt—and early—dispatch of the unreachable research goal for August. I have had no more luck with John Stevens' Irish roots than I had in past explorations, so I am ready to move on to the next month's goal. However, looking ahead, I realize we've begun covering ground on that project already, with last Wednesday's exploration of the Murdock family in Lafayette, Indiana. 

September's task: to learn more about John Stevens' second wife, Eliza Murdock. We did scratch the surface the other day with an initial exploration, in hopes that Eliza's roots might reveal something more about John's. But rest assured: Eliza has much more of her own story still to share. And that of her daughters, as well.

Before we begin recounting Eliza's history, though, it would probably be helpful to begin the story of John's second wife by explaining what became of his first wife. We'll take up that story on Monday as a way to introduce the reason why John Stevens sought a second wife in the first place. 


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