Friday, July 12, 2019

Getting Ready to Sign Up

The year of 2019 has been a productive year for me, when it comes to expanding my genealogical skills and reaching out into previously unexplored research areas. Though the year is certainly far from over, it gained a powerful boost by starting out with a January class in Southern Research at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy—followed by my own personal practicum when I traveled to Florida to explore my third great grandparents' history.

While we are far from SLIG 2020, we are closer than you might think. Especially close, if you are considering attending one of next January's sixteen course offerings, as registration for the January 12-17 week opens up tomorrow morning, promptly at 9:00 a.m., Mountain Daylight Time. If you think that translates into plenty of time to sign up for the course of your choice, think again: one course last year filled up in a mere six minutes. People in the know would be wise to be seated at their computer before 8:59 a.m., ready to push the button for their first choice.

Of course, being forewarned means having the twenty-four hour luxury of exploring the website of the Utah Genealogical Association, the host organization behind this twenty five year run of educational excellence. It gives the prospective attendee a chance to prepare for Saturday's mad dash by setting up your registration account ahead of time.

I'm already up and running, including the hard part: selecting which of many enticing course offerings I want to focus on for next January's learning opportunity. Since I've started the year with delving into Southern research, I plan to launch the next year with a similar pursuit—only this time, instead of focusing on my Florida roots pre-statehood through the present, I'll travel back in time and up in direction to Virginia, as I pursue my colonial roots in Old Dominion. I certainly have research puzzles needing further guidance, and this will be the opportunity to come to Salt Lake City equipped with questions, especially on the line which leads back to my Mayflower roots through the route of colonial Virginia.

Course Six, coordinated by Barbara Vines Little, will be my choice for SLIG 2020—if, that is, the class doesn't fill up before I can get myself logged in and registered. Otherwise, you can be sure my name will be on that waiting list—a place I've been before I learned the secret of signing up at the opening bell.

Disclaimer: While I am certainly honored to be designated as an Ambassador for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy 2020—and have shared about their impressive offerings for several years now—this year's designation comes to me with receipt of a modest discount to the upcoming registration fee. Nevertheless, my focus is on objectively sharing what aspects of the Institute readers at A Family Tapestry would likely find helpful, and I welcome the opportunity to continue serving as eyes and ears on site during this event for the benefit of my readers.


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