Monday, December 9, 2013

Runs in the Family

Patsy Davis to left and Jacqueline Davis to right with unidentified male relative
Yesterday’s photograph beside the long, sweeping lines of a 1930s Buick is turning out to be just one of many such automobile portraits in the collection of material I've inherited from my aunt.

Oh, there were people in the pictures, too. But I imagine there was one photographer who only had eyes for those gleaming steel machines.

I was going to include another candid shot, yesterday, of my mother and aunt during their later childhood, standing next to a car with—I presumed—their father. After scanning the original, though, as I magnified the subject to trim the border, I realized that the man in the photo wasn’t my grandfather, after all. Apparently, someone else in the family was a great fan of those handsome automobiles.

Looks like this picture will be the one to initiate a collective effort to identify the people in all these unlabeled photographs. Some of the pictures of my aunt and mother as younger children were labeled, thankfully—actually, labeled quite precisely, with each girl’s age, down to the month. But as the years wore on, perhaps my grandmother had other things more pressing on her mind than labeling snapshots of dozens of cars (and her own children and husband). After all, she knew who they were.

So, off I go, sending emails with attached photos to likely prospects among my relatives, in hopes that someone will remember a face from over seventy years ago.

That will be a tall order to fill at this late date.

Photograph, above right: Sisters Patsy Ruth Davis to the left and Sara Jacqueline Davis to the right of an unidentified relative in the late 1930s.


  1. Perhaps your g-grandfather? I think this is the same car as in yesterday's post. The Buick.. it does look like the two-door model.

    1. Thanks for the feedback on that two-door guess, Iggy. I was wondering about that. And I was wondering if the two photos were of the same car. Hard to tell with the front end cut out of this shot.

      I'm not sure it was my great-grandfather. I think the ages would be off. I'm guessing it was an uncle, but I'm still waiting for confirmation. From a distance, it sure looks like my own grandfather, though. Photoshop sure comes in handy for taking a close look at the details.

  2. Or an Uncle... that car was highly polished in this photo! :)

    1. Uncle is my guess, too, Far Side...only I've never seen pictures of those relatives in their younger years. That's why I need some family consultation.

      Maybe it was just how the car picked up the light in the photo--and maybe you can't quite see it at this size--but the reflection of the three people can be clearly seen in the car door in an enlarged version of this photo. You might just be right about that polish...


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