Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Time To Remember

Throughout time, I imagine there have been all sorts of reasons for people to remember things. Significant events—whether measured by accomplishment, like a victory in battle, or by the passage of time, like a birthday or anniversary—have been the instigation of list-making from time immemorial. The very study of history is one gigantic need of humanity to remember itself—and make that inevitable list, the timeline.

It is not only the momentous that gives cause for making notes on calendars—today being such a one that will continue to be noted in infamy—but it is also the mundane that claims its fair share of pen and paper. Grocery lists. To-do lists. Homework lists. Everyone seems to have a need to make a note and keep track of time.

For whatever strange reason, Agnes Tully Stevens found a handy little note pad and, after adding some phone numbers and financial reminders to the first page, tucked the booklet in her collection of personal papers and never used it again.

Here it is now, well over sixty years later at least, still sporting that slogan, “Time to Remember” and hawking the wares of its sponsor, the Time Finance Company. I have not the slightest notion what the numbers and notes signify on that first page, but I do notice the rest of the pages are left blank.

Except for one detail. Tucked in the middle of the booklet—advertised as “A handy note book for the things you want to remember”—the finance company used a clever advertising gimmick. The insert read,

This will introduce ______ who is interested in getting a loan. As a personal favor to me will you please give his application immediate attention?
Recommended by ______
More customers come to TIME because of the recommendations of old customers—than from any other single source. Next time—try TIME!

Always be Wise…When it’s Time for a Loan, See TIME!
I have no idea in which time period this booklet originated, but it was amusing to read the offer on the back cover:
Time Loans
$10 to $500
Not missing any opportunity, the back cover listed each of its ten offices, along with addresses and information on that most modern of conveniences, the telephone number. After all, as they say,
Be wise, when it’s time for a loan see Time Finance Company.
Though a ten dollar loan—or even a five hundred dollar one—with Time Finance Company couldn’t begin to touch the sky-high mortgages from our latest financial meltdown, it’s still apparent some things never change. People will always want to remember things. They will always write those things down so they won’t forget. And they will always think they need more money than they already have.


  1. I wonder where the folks that needed a $9.97 loan went...

    1. Iggy, you gave me a chuckle with that one this morning! :)


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