Friday, August 3, 2012

Never Forgetting Our “Friends”

While scanning the memorials for Sister Mary Mercy the past few days, I couldn’t resist noticing what was printed on the reverse of the article from the Parochial Monthly during that October month way back in 1912. Like the autumn months of life as we know it now, the pages of most advertisement-driven publications back then also benefited from the flow of finances from the coffers of candidates across the city and across the state.

Although Agnes’ full-blooded Irish descendants and devout Catholics may have objected that it was otherwise, it was interesting to let history speak for itself with the ad copy for this Republican candidate:

Don’t Forget Our Old Friend
Republican Candidate for
Re-Election to Congress


  1. ...or perhaps they were inured to the frightful scene that is Chicago politics?

    1. Since I'm in Chicago right now, Iggy, I'll defer any comment until my flight home has safely removed me from the scene :)

  2. Your comment gave me a good chuckle. :)


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