Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A List of Names, Chicago Style

Laid out in cascading falls of words, the names of the 1894 graduates of the Sherwood grade school in Chicago were organized in groups of tens, alphabetized (well, almost). Surely now lost in obscurity, these graduates of over a century ago soon became someone else’s parents, then grandparents. Many likely spent their entire life living and working in the Chicago area.

Wherever they went after those school years of camaraderie, their names have been frozen in time as one person chose to preserve this graduation program among her personal papers. Agnes Tully Stevens, possible relative of one graduate listed below—Marie M. Tully—included this little memento among so many others she saved from so long ago. This small bit of card stock, decorated simply but fittingly for the occasion, provides me with one solitary link to another still-invisible branch of our family tree.

Florence M. Adams,
       Frank J. Appleton,
              George A. Binney,
                     Cora Adell Byle,
                             Zana E. Crosby,
                                    Edith Abbie DeWolfe,
                                          James Harold Dickie,
                                                 Luke Ballard Dickie,
                                                       Lena A. Durley,
                                                              Matilda Gibson,

Charles F. Gridley,
       Elizabeth Sophia Grill,
              Sarah E. Hecht,
                     Helen M. Hodgman,
                            Harriet Jensen,
                                   Adolph F. Jones,
                                          Ruby Wescot Jones,
                                                 Chas. Edw. McBurney,
                                                         Stanley J. McMahon,

Jeanie Campbell McKinlay,
       George Julius Molitor,
              Maude Althea Moon,
                     Clara M. Nelson,
                            Anna Olivia Nordstrom,
                                   Esther Olson,
                                          Agnes T. Reilly,
                                                 Emil Leonard Renstrom,
                                                        Lillie Gordon Robb,

Magdalena Flora Ruhland,
       Julia Sutherland Rutter,
              Harriet M. Ruud,
                     Maude Annette Schank,
                            Lida W. Sharp,
                                   Lizzie A. Shirley,
                                          Marie M. Tully,
                                                 Alta Corrine White,
                                                        Archie R. Virden


  1. I like that you transcribed the names in the same cascading fashion. Lovely.

    1. That was a late add, Wendy. Glad I chose to do it! Turned out not to be that tricky, after all. And in the original, it did help each individual's name to stand out nicely, without taking up too much room. Of course, in a graduating class the size of most today, I doubt even that luxury could be taken!

  2. Luke (b. 1879) and James (b. 1880) Dickie were not twins.

    I just had to know. :)

    1. I had wondered about that, too, Iggy, but I'm not surprised it turned out otherwise. Agnes Tully's two older sisters actually graduated high school at the same time, according to family reports, although they were two years apart in age. A hundred years ago (or so) the schools didn't seem to be as concerned about moving lock-step through the system with strictly delineated age ranks.

  3. Ruby W. Jones (b. Jul 1879)

    Adolph F. Jones (b. Mar 1879)

    They weren't twins either... or even brother and sister.

    1. Not surprised...with a surname like Jones. And a place the size of Chicago--even back then. But nice to have a link to their records :)

  4. I too loved how you did the names. Intense Guy really helped with that research. Too bad he didn't search all the names. It was like a peek into that class.
    Thanks for sharing!


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