Saturday, June 23, 2012

Seaside Romp, Circa 1911

Though I don’t know who they are, some people known to Agnes Tully Stevens must have had a refreshing time at the seashore during a summer in the early 1900s. Each one of these pictures from Agnes’ personal papers was printed on a postcard format, though no identifying stamp displays the name of the photographer or the location of the scene.

One unifying detail ties these three photographs together: the tall, balding man who may have been the father in this family. There is a woman in two of the photographs, too, but she seems to have been reticent about having her picture taken in those new-fangled swimsuits. Others, too, must still have been too shy to "come on in" and enjoy the water, as can be seen by the telltale shadow of two adults—one complete with hat—in the concluding photo on this entry.

In the picture below, there are—if I am seeing everyone clearly—six boys in addition to this man and the seated woman. Could this be one family? Does the baby from the first picture—possibly being held by a nannie—belong to this family, too?

While the photographs featured in yesterday’s post included an inscription on the reverse dating the series as occurring in July, 1911, today’s series provides no such telltale mark. We are left without any clue to determine who these people are or where they are enjoying such a summertime treat. The only thing of which we can be certain is that it would be a rare sight to see such swimsuits on the beaches of our current times.

All photographs from the private collection of Agnes Tully Stevens.

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  1. I agree that the bald man is the same in each photo. The slender faced woman with her hair in a black/dark wrap appears in later photos also - even if just a glimpse of her is in the one above. The baby presumably is one of the ladies - the slender faced one appears to be older (and I nominate her to be "mom").


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