Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Good Old Summertime

While the water seems timeless—whether ocean, bay, or gulf—those sporting their swimsuits serve as date markers for me as I go through Agnes Tully Stevens’ personal papers.

A cluster of friends—or possibly members of the same family—gathers arm-in-arm for a photograph in the water. The lack of ocean waves makes me wonder if the picture might have been taken at the Gulf of Mexico or one of the Great Lakes, or at a bay where the motion of the water seems much gentler. A telltale sign to the right of the frame may be the end of a pier.

One girl, wading waist-deep in the refreshing water, seems to resemble one of those featured in a postcard format we’ll review tomorrow. The postcard reveals the location as Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, tying it to the collection we’ve already been perusing.

No markings on the reverse of these snapshots leave us without any information about the people, the place, or the occasion. All we can tell, from those satisfied smiles, is that the event is an enjoyable one for those who gathered for this vacation outing. Judging from the length of time Agnes Tully Stevens held on to these pictures, this is one holiday they all chose to remember for years to come.

Photographs from the private collection of Agnes Tully Stevens.


  1. The tide might be "out" and on the coast the surf is diminished at low tide. I wouldn't have reason not to think this isn't the same location and group of people as the others.

  2. I was looking at the photo's of Agnes cousins and the like. The smiling girl looks sort of like Edna Tully and the balding guy like William Tully.


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