Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Call of Nameless Faces

Two people caught in a picture. One in the forefront, standing, looking straight at the camera as if expectantly serving as subject of a photograph. The other, partially obscured by architectural details, submitting to a secondary role as bystander.

Neither of them have left me their names.

While my mind may engage in flights of fancy, creating stories for each subject’s background, inventing scenarios for where each will go next, the fact remains: I don’t know anything about either of these people.

The postcard from which this picture is drawn belongs with the papers from my husband's grandmother, Agnes Tully Stevens. It was part of the beachside series, as far as I can tell. Though this postcard does not include an imprint from any photography studio, the design on the reverse of the card is similar to that of the waterfront pictures featured a few days ago.

At the same time, I wonder if the construction of the porch in this photograph is similar to those at the resort pictured yesterday behind the boat with all the fish. Could this be the other side of that impressive building in the background of yesterday's photograph?

Most of all, I wonder what the significance might be of the young man posing for the picture.

As much as I want to know, if these photographs were all from a summer holiday outing from 1911, there is no one left to tell me the story.


  1. The only link I can see between this photo and yesterday's is the white shirt and black bowtie. I suspect this to be the "uniform" of the hotel service staff (the one's on the boat appear to be unloading the fish).

    I think if these folks are cousins and relatives of Agnes Tully Stevens, the best hint we have so far is the baby in the one photo of the swimmers (with the nanny). Can't tell from the photo clearly but it looks like a young girl. Perhaps this is -- Mary Monica Tully married Dennis Austin McGonagle amd had Lillian Angela McGonagle b. 17 Jan 1911?

  2. Just looking for the daily "fix". :) Hope you are just busy.


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