Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving To Belen

Coming to a close in his letter of May 19, 1909, writer—and perhaps priest—Dan E. Reilly reminds the recipient of his note that he will be leaving Tucson for the small town of Belen soon. He evidently appreciates hearing from his correspondent, Agnes Tully in Chicago, and wants to make sure she keeps those letters coming to the correct address.

What those health problems are that this man keeps referencing seem vague yet overwhelming, requiring his removal from city life to the arid climate of Arizona—traditionally the type of climate recommended for recuperating victims of such communicable diseases as tuberculosis. But he doesn’t mention anything about tuberculosis, only about nervousness and pleurisy. It sounds almost as if these go beyond illnesses in themselves, but might be symptoms of another illness.

Whatever the illness, Mister—or Father—Dan E. Reilly will be staying away from his accustomed city life in Chicago for quite some time.

            As to how long my stay away from Chicago will last is only a matter of guess for it will all depend upon how I feel. My strength is coming back with rapid strides + my only ailment serious to be nervousness and an occasional attack of pleurisy. My cough is almost entirely gone and in a general way I’m better.
            It is very lonesome here as most of the patients are going to cooler spots for the Summer.
            I will not be able to write for the June Calendar as I’ll be on the move through the Territory but in July you will have another letter. Now I sincerely hope all your folks in Chi + N. Lex are well.
            Now cheer up + believe me.
            Oh how is my dear Fr Cush
                                    Devotedly Yours
                                                Dan E. Reilly
Belen New Mexico
After May 29


  1. Fr Cush is definitely a Priest. I don't know which one - sounds like a nickname (and a bit irreverent!) Sounds like Agnes did the church bulletin... and Dan was sending tidbits in for it.

  2. Austin A. Cush... born on 18 Aug 1854 in Ohio to an Irish father named Daniel and his wife Catherine, living in New Lexington village, Perry, Ohio in 1900...

    https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/MM6J-XCC listed as "Clergy Man".

    :) Me thinks Dan E. Reilly and Agnes were classmates or something...

  3. That was interesting that he was moving to Belen NM. There are some places that you never expect to hear about unless you live in the area. That was a bit of nostalgia reading that, Jacqi.


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