Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taking a Break

It’s been a long journey, following the story of just one of the sons of Agnes Tully Stevens for the last six months. While it was slowly unfolding, each day added such a tiny bit, but over the trajectory of the entire span of it, there came an intensity that just needs to be set aside for a while.

And so, I did.

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up with a story going back to the younger days of Agnes Tully Stevens, herself. There, I’ll begin examining some of the letters she exchanged with people from all over the country—all over the continent, for that matter.

For today, I took a break from researching to take care of some quasi-technical matters I’ve been meaning to address. Namely, getting with it in the social media arena.

So, okay: I did it. I signed up for a Twitter account. See, I even added the Twitter button on this page here.

I resisted the urge to sign up for Pinterest—though Melissa Mannon’s post on its benefits proved a sore temptation—because of current concerns about creators’ rights. But I did succumb to invitations to become part of Google Plus. If you are so inclined, please feel free to connect.

Sometimes, I feel I must be near insane to add more online connectivity to my life. I sit glued to my seat at the computer more than I’d like, already. The trouble with adding more reasons to use that computer is that it means finding yet more ways to keep sitting still in one corner.

Of course, I opened a world of wonder when I discovered that one of the pluses to using my iPad is that I can walk and read at the same time. I haven’t yet mastered the art of walking and writing on my iPad, because I realized a long time ago that I can’t walk and simultaneously chew gum; why wreck a perfectly good iPad through a patently ignorant choice?

Until I master a new technical challenge like that, let’s say those tweets will be keeping me glued to my seat.


  1. Jacqi Dahling! OK so let's get up and away from our computers. It is coffee time isn't it?

  2. I was a reluctant convert to social media. Twitter is still beyond me. I don't do 140 characters well. But I love Google+, though I spend far, far, far too much time parked rather than in drive.

    Looking forward to the next chapter.


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