Friday, August 26, 2011

A Season for Searching

I don’t know about you, but my best time for genealogy research is during summer vacations. Even now, though I’ve been recently freed of the captivity of the school calendar year, I find more opportunities for research from May through August.

And August, if you haven’t had the chance yet to notice, is rapidly dwindling away. At the rate of discovery this summer has brought me, I may soon find myself with more memories left than month.

A to-do recap: this summer brought me a wonderful package of old photographs and a short diary from the William Tully family. I have about one third of the pictures yet to scan, and the diary to transcribe. Following close on the heels of that gift came another from a previously-never-met cousin on my husband’s side of the family, who surprised us with a dinnertime visit while we were in Chicago, complete with gifts of old photographs and dozens of handwritten items from various Tully and Stevens generations. Ditto, transcribing and scanning.

Reaching further back into my summer’s to-do list, I’ve meant to do more research on my McClellan line in Florida—at least enough to make a Wikipedia post on the stub already there for my great-great-great grandfather, George Edmund McClellan. That means, for someone like me who needs to go way overboard in preparation before taking step one, a lot of behind the scenes briefing on just exactly how one goes about becoming a contributor for Wikipedia.

And, earliest on my to-do list (though technically I can claim it as “done” already), I need to revisit my initial download to RootsWeb and update that file with the revisions I’m currently in the process of making, thanks to such a productive summer.

As far as my genealogy year has gone, I’m looking forward to an abundant harvest.

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