Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Despite innumerable obstacles--including late departure, insufferable road construction in three states en route, and an unexpected computer glitch as was taken offline just as we pulled off the highway to access wifi for this post--we have our coveted prize for the return trip: a photograph of the John Stevens headstone from St. Mary's Cemetery in Lafayette, Indiana.

Here, a sneak peak preview of the portrait and close-up shots. When I get home, and familiarize myself with the ins and outs of Find-A-Grave membership, I'll add these photos to the collection there, as well as notify the anonymous member who was seeking a picture of John Stevens' wife Eliza's grave. On that account, the news is that there is no marker. We did, however, unearth a stone in the vicinity that got us wondering if it might be part of a marker for John's wife.

How fleeting is the time since they were buried, over 110 years ago, considering how quickly these memorials deteriorate. When it comes to commemorations, Time and the tangible work in opposition. 

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