Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Stuff You Find
When You're Looking for Something Else

Sometimes, ya just need a Wordless Wednesday.

Yes, I know today is Thursday. But yesterday was a rough day. I wasn't sure there were enough words left in me to make an adequate post.

Handily, I remembered something I had just stumbled upon while looking for something else: a CD with old photos from my husband's Tully ancestors.

Remember that Family Tree Maker program I just loaded onto my computer—the updated version to bring me into the twenty-first century? Well, when I was gifted with that CD, I had tucked another CD into the folder with it, to remind me that I needed to load that one onto the computer, as well.

That was then. This is now—a time when I apparently no longer remember what was on that CD labeled "Tully Photos."

All I could think of was a trip to Chicago, years ago, where my husband thought the best way to capture those near-antique photos of hundred-year-old family wedding parties was to use his digital camera to snap a picture of the picture. The photo frames would have been too fragile to disassemble carefully enough to return everything to its former condition after scanning. We settled for next best thing.

Where were those photos now? Apparently not, as it turned out, on that CD.

Dashed were the hopes of sharing some really neat family photos. Perhaps that is a silent nudge to remind us it is high time to make plans for another trip back to Chicago. Who knows.

It is also a reminder that often, when you're on a mission to find something else, you may get a bonus surprise.

What was on the CD, you ask? Oh, they were Tully family photos, all right. But this was a collection you've already seen—at least, if you were a regular here, back in 2011, when I told about the surprise special package I received and the photograph-scanning path it set me on. A treasure trove too precious to lose, I had made myself a backup copy.

Maybe soon—and on a Wednesday, this time!—I'll uncover the secret stash where I stored those Chicago wedding photos so I can share those with you, too. And all the other items found on my way to locate this file, too.



  1. Jacqi, I am glad I am not the only one who does these things; losing track of one item & finding another. No matter how organized I try to be some items are slippery and refuse to stay where they belong.

    1. Colleen, my husband firmly believes those lose-one-thing-find-another experiences are valuable. Maybe we just need to find those other, elusive items!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Iggy! The good thing about down days is, it's all uphill from there ;)

  3. Now that is a real cutie on that Cabinet Card! :)

    1. Yeah, I fell in love with that one at first sight. Wish I knew who it was, of those family photos with absolutely no clues on the back.


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