Saturday, June 1, 2024

Revisiting a Metzger Mess


It's a new month, and hopefully a time to view an old research problem with fresh eyes. This month's focus regarding my Twelve Most Wanted for 2024 will be the family of founding immigrant Michael Metzger, my mother-in-law's second great-grandfather who eventually settled in Ohio. Not that I haven't worked on this family before—they had stumped me back in 2022—but this time, I hope to take a different approach.

A main focus will be to revisit all my husband's DNA matches related to the Metzger line—of which, thankfully, there are many—to learn about the descendants of the collateral lines in this family group. Apparently, when I last worked on this line, I had missed some of Michael Metzger's children. Aware of that possibility happening again, I want to review my work from two years ago to check for completeness, as well as thorough documentation. And, of course, to review those DNA matches at each company where my husband has tested.

One challenge with this month's research focus is that Michael Metzger was a far more recent immigrant to this country than, say, the Ijams line we examined last month. Michael, born sometime in the 1780s, did not arrive in America until just before the 1819 birth of his son Joseph. My question is: what was his country of origin? Different possibilities have been suggested by various researchers—either Germany or Switzerland—and I'd like to find some solid confirmation of this.

We'll start this month's exploration on the immigrant Metzger family with a review of current DNA matches tomorrow, then look at what has already been confirmed about Michael Metzger next week.

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