Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Ancestor #9: Re-doing Denis Tully


Sure, I've traveled this research pathway before, but it's time to review what's been found on Denis Tully, my father-in-law's great-grandfather who emigrated from County Tipperary, Ireland. Sometimes, those Twelve Most Wanted ancestors for the upcoming year cause me to explore new territory; other times call for me to poke around what's already been found to examine those details more closely.

Denis Tully is one of those latter ancestors. It troubles me that there are DNA matches on this line whose ancestry somehow points back to Denis Tully—but for whom I can't piece together a coherent paper trail. The name of that most recent common ancestor may match my father-in-law's founding immigrant patriarch, but the details certainly don't line up quite the same as ours.

Since we will already have focused on Denis' wife Margaret Flannery for the month preceding this selection of my Twelve Most Wanted for 2023's research, we'll follow up by retracing Denis Tully's own life story, hopefully picking up some details missed the last time we reviewed his story. What we might not find through working on his wife's life details will hopefully become obvious when we switch to Denis' own story. I have a nagging feeling I've missed something in this couple's immigration story, so this will call for some research strategizing.

It's time to follow the F.A.N. Club for Denis Tully—his family and friends, associates, and neighbors—to see if we can glean any other information on this immigrant ancestor, whether back in his homeland in Ireland, or in his adopted town of Paris in Ontario, Canada. Something is just not adding up quite right. We have our work cut out for us this coming September for Ancestor number nine of our Twelve Most Wanted.

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