Monday, June 6, 2022

When it Rains . . .


There are times when the deluge of life events can conspire against us. For me, this weekend was one of such times. As is often said, when it rains, it pours. It wasn't just the blowout on the freeway the other night, nor even the feeling of having a lumpy, racing heart rate at the same time as a lumpy, bumpy instantly flat tire. Everything seemed to come together in just the most exquisitely difficult way.

And then, I slept it off. It's kinda tiring, you see (no pun intended). Which leaves little time for that customary three hours of research for my daily posts.

While flat on my back yesterday, mulling all this over, it occurred to me it might be time to take a break from that research schedule. A hiatus of sorts. While I'm not sure I'll just take off entirely and indefinitely, if there is a missing entry in that customary daily schedule, you'll know I'm just taking a break. Or I might just post a snippet on a resource which I've stumbled across in my much-slowed-down research progress. Or not. Just wanted to give the heads up that, right now—here, at least—it's been pouring.


  1. R & R - time to rest. As much as I enjoy your research and investigations, I know I would much rather you take a break and relieve some of the pressure in your life. Just come back to us stronger and better than ever!

  2. I hope you are resting and regrouping. You have contributed so very much to the skills of many people - me, especially. We miss you and your wonderful writing (both the research and your way-with-words). But rest and renewal are essential when the time calls out for it. Miss Merry said it right - come back stronger and better than ever.

  3. Oh my I hope you are feeling better soon! Happy 4th of July!

  4. Hope you are getting plenty of rest and restoration. Get well.

  5. I took a very long break from reading my favorite genealogy blogs and got back to it just as you took a break. I hope you are getting all the rest and renewal your mind and body need. Take care!


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