Sunday, June 5, 2022

One of Those Days


Do you ever have one of those days? You know, the kind in which everything you planned somehow doesn't go quite as planned? Well, that's me, today.

This weekend was going to be one of those times to set aside for some celebration and recollection. The college where my husband received his master's degree was hosting a twenty year anniversary celebration of the start of that particular program. They had invited all the alumni and their guests to an afternoon of remembrances on campus, with the sharing of prospective possibilities as they commemorated the changing of the guard from the founding faculty to a new leadership.

It was a beautiful day for a drive to the Bay area, and we certainly enjoyed the program and seeing old friends and appreciated faculty members. We topped off a pleasant day with dinner and were about to head home when my heart condition kicked in again. No problem; we have contingency plans for that—but when, on the last leg of the journey home, passing construction on our city's crosstown freeway, we hit work site rabble, everything got put on hold.

But wait! We have a solution for that. We called our roadside service company. And waited. And began to wonder whether we needed to switch companies. And were informed that the tow truck had already arrived and fixed our tire. And called back again.

Thank God for kids with trucks. Our daughter drove downtown to where we were stranded, waited until the tow company really did show up, and whisked me home to a quieter environment to wait out those pesky health problems.

All that to say, that was not a day to prepare today's post. Definitely not a day to continue chasing those elusive Gordon ancestors—not even for my mother-in-law. Though it's always a time to remember to touch base with everyone, say everything's really okay, and rest up for another day. Tomorrow is another day—hopefully, one with time for some family history research. Until then, if ever you can, steer clear of those hidden road hazards! 


  1. Thank goodness for children with trucks! We had a flat once, out of town and during a driving rain storm. Husband couldn't get the spare off under the truck. Not only did they arrive with flashlights and slickers and more tools, but my son's truck had the same spare so they took his off and got us home. It turned out our bolts had rusted. Hoping your health problems are better today.

  2. Hopefully your health will improve, and no more things happen to cause chaos for awhile.


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