Saturday, October 3, 2020

Now Indexing — Again:
Those New Jersey Naturalization Records


The air has gotten smoky enough, once again, that my brain is now starved for the sight of green skies and blue trees., that isn't quite right. Let's try green for the trees, not skies—or perhaps seeing any color but gray would be helpful, no matter where it shows up.

This type of malaise calls for some more genealogical knitting, so I went looking on the FamilySearch indexing projects to see what new projects could keep me busy. Since I've been working on Falveys who immigrated to Massachusetts lately, I would have liked to see a naturalization project for that state calling for volunteer help, but since the closest possibility was for nearby New Jersey, I thought I'd snatch up that opportunity.

This project was the perfect match for my smoke-befuddled brain this weekend. Yes, another naturalization records project, but this time it was for index cards for records as recent as the 1970s. For the most part, after taking due diligence in reading the instructions, working through the indexing process took hardly any time at all. Each record set contained a mere five records. Each record, for the most part, included only three data points. While some of those immigrant surnames grabbed my attention with their impossible string of consonants, or other spelling sequences unfamiliar to American eyes, dispatching a batch of records took a matter of mere minutes.

Needless to say, with such an easy record set, I did several rounds. I needed something routine to wrap my mind around today. Hopefully, even these little index cards will lead someone to the information they are seeking on their family members. Of course, this giving-back project won't guarantee that my skies will clear up, but at least it provided something positive to focus on in the meantime.

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